Madison Amlotte


My name is Madison Amlotte and I am an upcoming Junior at Alma College. I strongly in committing oneself to the community in which you live and making it a better place than when you began. I am heavily involved on campus including being President of my Class, a Varsity Athlete, student representative to the Board of Trustees, and in leadership of two other organizations. I am also a member of Alma College’s award winning Model United Nations Team which has received more of the highest awards at the NMUN convention than any other school and have earned individual recognition every year I have competed. I became involved with the Big Box project through the Public Affairs Institute, which has provided a tremendous opportunity to help the people in our community. 

I am most excited about the network of extraordinary people I will get to be a part of due to the Millennium Fellowship. I can’t wait to hear about the extraordinary work other people are doing as well as to see how what we learn from the Fellowship can help us to achieve success with our project! 

The Box Farm Project is aimed at ensuring year-round access to sustainable and nutritious food by converting an abandoned former K-Mart building into an indoor aquaponic facility. The project is operating in an area of the Midwest where there is higher level of poverty and increase access to nutritional food will play a key role in increasing community health and wellness as well as to stimulate the local economy and better the environment by promoting shopping locally. Additionally, the project focus on the reutilization of existing infrastructure. 

The projected outcomes of our project by December of 2018 include operating a small scale aquaponics system to serve as a model for our long term goal of a full scale aquaponics facility. This small scale model will allow for experiments to be run on how to most efficiently run the system, as well as better plan for the operating cost and factors of a full scale system. This also provides an opportunity to bring campus and community together through outreach events. Building this relationship is one of the most important focuses for the project moving forward. Another focus will be on fundraising efforts for the purchase of the K-Mart facility and equipment. 

Our long term goal is to create a full scale indoor farming facility and food network for mid-Michigan. This network will provide nutritional local food for large hubs like schools and hospitals as well as for household consumption. We aim to raise community health and ensure access to nutritional food no matter a person’s income level.