Shicheng Fan

United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network proudly present Shicheng Fan, a Millennium Fellow and Campus Director for the class of 2018.

"I am very happy and lucky to become a Millennium Fellow. This is very consistent with our project's ideas and actions."

Schicheng is a sophomore from Northeast Agricultural University, and also chairman of the Enactus team at Northeast Agricultural University.

Enactus is an alliance of students, academics and business leaders. It is committed to shaping the world's future business elite, organizing students and guiding and encouraging them to plan and implement commercial social practice projects under their training and leadership.

The name Enactus is a combination of "Entrepreneurial", "Action" and "Us", which is intended to highlight the concept of entrepreneurial action. Enactus helps the community get more economic opportunities, improve people's economic income, improve people's quality of life, and "change the world".

After becoming a millennium fellow, I believe we will be closer to the SDG concept and strengthen project management and implementation in communities and schools. We are currently promoting cultural and agricultural projects.

 I will also be able to reach more excellent elites like me who are promoting SDGs. My ideas will be better communicated, and I will be able to better understand the value of everything I do now. I believe I can get more exercise here and make better use of my influence.