Olivia Gonzalez


Arizona State University l Arizona, USA l Advancing SDG 4SDG 10, and UNAI Principle 3

"I am excited to be a Millennium Fellow because I want the opportunity to create innovative partnerships with other leaders on campus who are also working to create a social impact. Working with Talent Match gives me the opportunity to pay forward the opportunity I was given by creating new opportunities for others. At a fundamental level, I care about equal opportunity and believe that each and every human being has dignity and should be able to achieve success regardless of their socioeconomic status or zip code.”

Millennium Fellowship Project

Talent Match is a student organization which mentors with local underserved students to teach them a talent on campus and show that college is an attainable goal. By the end of this semester, the Talent Match team plans to have 32 mentor-mentee pairs perform at a Talent Show. The project relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 of Quality Education and the UN Academic Impact Principle 3 of Education for all, as it is a program that works with students who do not always have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities and gives them that chance to explore what college could be. Additionally, it advances UN SDG 10 of reduced inequalities, as it is working to combat the opportunity gap between students of different socioeconomic status.

About the Millennium Fellow

Olivia Gonzalez is a senior majoring in Global Health with a minor in Business at Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. Born and raised with Italian and Peruvian grandparents in suburban Wisconsin, she grew up with a strong appreciation of different cultures. This admiration in tandem with her experiences serving on mission trips in high school flourished into a passion for working internationally. Throughout college, she has been a part of research on suicide statistics in Nepal and spearheaded her own research on domestic violence while studying abroad in Chile. Her engagements as a mentor, camp counselor, Tillman Scholar, and now Millennium Fellow helps her continue to make a positive community impact.

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