Fast Facts
The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are partnering on the Millennium Fellowship.  The Millennium Fellowship convenes, challenges, and celebrates student leadership for UN goals on campuses worldwide.  The program is free for accepted applicants.  The final application deadline for Millennium Fellows and Campus Directors is May 20.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for a limited number of Fellowships, so early applications are encouraged.  The program will run on campuses worldwide from August to November where cohorts of 10-20 Millennium Fellows have been selected. Feedback and stories of student impact will be submitted by December 2019.  You can learn more about the Millennium Fellowship here with additional content here.    

This FAQs section below has been compiled to provide greater detail on this program and related logistics.  In the event that your questions are not answered, please visit the "Getting in Touch" section below and reach out directly.  Please note that given the global scale of this program a large number of inquiries is anticipated; these will be responded to as quickly as possible.

Inquiries from Academic Institutions

+I am a University President/Vice-Chancellor/administrator/staff/faculty member and want to have the Millennium Fellowship on our campus.

Thank you for your leadership and for recognizing the value of this opportunity for your students and community. A select number of campus hubs worldwide will be selected for the Millennium Fellowship in 2018 based on the number and caliber of student applications. The program will be offered at no cost to selected students and campus hubs. We invite you to take the following actions:

  • Reach out to students on your campus and encourage them to apply for the Millennium Fellowship as soon as possible (as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis - final deadline to apply is July 31st). You are seeking 8-20 Millennium Fellows for your campus, including two students to serve as Campus Directors. Other campuses have secured 20+ applicants by sending out one email to the full student body and following up with interested students. For a draft email and additional content to share, please see here.
  • When reaching out, offer concrete support that students can include in their applications. If applicants can note that they have concrete support of administration and faculty to help ensure success of the cohort, that is worth highlighting.
  • When students apply for the program, they are asked to provide a reference. Ensure your student leaders have strong references (from you or colleagues on campus). These must be received by July 31st.

If a cohort of Millennium Fellows is selected on your campus:

  • Be a resource/mentor for your cohort of Millennium Fellows.
  • Ensure your two Campus Directors (two Fellows chosen to curate the Fellowship on campus) know you and have your active support in the lead up to and during the Millennium Fellowship this August-December.

If you are a University President/Vice-Chancellor/administrator/faculty/staff member with additional questions, please reach out with subject line “Campus Inquiry” to Given your interest in supporting student leadership that advances UN goals, your institution is also encouraged to explore becoming a UNAI member.

+Our campus already has a leadership development program. Why should we encourage our student leaders to apply?

This program gives your students access to a global student network - as a Millennium Fellow, they can draw on expertise and form partnerships with peers and alumni from across the globe.

Your Campus Directors will also draw upon the MCN's Action Toolkit and core curriculum to help curate the Fellowship for students on campus. This experiential curriculum has been utilized by student leaders on multiple campuses since 2013.

Over time, the Millennium Fellowship as a brand will become a known entity to employers, funders, and academic institutions. This designation will give your students increased credibility, including a certificate in recognition of completion of students' Fellowship Projects from MCN and United Nations Academic Impact.

Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, who heads Global Initiatives and the Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College shares: "The Millennium Fellowship is an amazing opportunity for our students; one that should not be missed during one's college experience! In fact, we think so highly of the program that we are considering making the fellowship a credit elective in our course curriculum if Becker College is selected for the program. At Becker, we encourage students to demonstrate empathy, to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset with divergent thinking, and to develop strong leadership and employable skills. The Millennium Fellowship gives students training and recognition for on-site, hands-on, real-world projects addressing society's greatest challenges. Plus...students get to network and to be well-positioned for the global, social sector. In just four days, we have had 17 students apply for the program!"

The Millennium Fellowship aims to be complementary, not competitive. If there is already a leadership development program on campus, we encourage you to let your program organizers know about this Fellowship. If your student leaders are selected to form a campus hub, existing campus programs are welcome to incorporate the Millennium Fellowship into their plans for 2018. If your academic institution has any questions on how to do this, you may contact us with subject line "Campus Inquiry" at


+Is this a real program?

Yes. This is a real leadership development program convening, challenging, and celebrating student leadership that advances the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and UNAI principles. There are many programs that falsely claim or exaggerate associations with United Nations entities. This is real: a partnership between Millennium Campus Network and United Nations Academic Impact that draws on a combined 17 years of experience to help elevate your leadership on campus and in community.

+Is English the only language I can apply in?

Yes. Due to current technical capacity, in 2018 you can only apply for the Millennium Fellowship in English.

+Where does the name “Millennium Fellowship” come from?

Millennium Campus Network (MCN) was founded in university dorm rooms in 2007. The network was built to help undergraduates advance the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals. From 2000-2015, the MDGs mobilized citizens and governments alike – and provided a framework for the Sustainable Development Goals to build upon for 2015-2030. The Millennium Fellowship was launched by MCN in 2013 – and bears the “Millennium” brand in recognition of when it began – and shares the brand with the youth-led NGO that began on a university campus a decade ago.

+What is MCN?

Millennium Campus Network (MCN), Inc., is a global student network committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. MCN programs convene, challenge, and celebrate student leadership for social impact. The network, celebrating its 10th anniversary, has directly worked with over 5,500 young leaders from 300 universities through its programs. 75% of MCN alumni are now in social impact careers; over half share MCN programs definitively prepared them for success. MCN Advisors include Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Paul Farmer, and John Legend. Millennium Campuses include Georgetown University, Brandeis University, and Lynn University. More on MCN at MCN is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

+What is UNAI?

The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) works with institutions of higher education and research around the world to further the realization of United Nations goals and objectives. It recognizes and cooperates with some 1,200 member institutions worldwide in promoting the values of the United Nations through research, relevant educational courses and campus activities. The United Nations General Assembly has invited “the academic, research and scientific communities to contribute to the realization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and, in this regard, recognizes the important role of the United Nations Academic Impact, among other initiatives, and encourages the UNAI to play an important and growing role in fostering global citizenship, filling knowledge gaps and facilitating better understanding of the core principles and activities of the United Nations." More on UNAI at


+I have a question or idea to share regarding the Fellowship.

Please contact us at or by Facebook message.

+I have a complaint to share regarding the program and/or Campus Directors.

You can share this feedback directly with MCN's executive leadership at our Global Headquarters. Please contact us at