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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In the three months the application was open in 2020, 15,159 young leaders applied to join the Class of 2020 on 1,458 campuses across 135 nations.  80 campuses worldwide (just 6%) were selected to host the 1,000+ Millennium Fellows.  The Class of 2020 is bold, innovative, and inclusive. 



Amity University | Mumbai, India | Advancing SDG 4 & UNAI 3


" We all humans observe, understand, adapt and change throughout our life. We strive & evolve to become a little better than yesterday. We keep educating our minds with the things we see & hear, ultimately reflecting the ideologies we have, through perceptions and emotions we have. Like the effect that surrounding such as air, water and sunlight has on seeds; similarly, the role played by parents, peers and society influences young minds. With time, these seeds grow, it has an influence of the different elements, it learns new things; it grows either as a brazen soul that's healthy because it understood the best values & lessons from all the different sources, is physically and mentally prepared for life or as lean and weak one that lacks knowledge and expression. This philosophy of life makes me devoted to the goal and importance of education. And this very same idea drives me to be better and educate myself better. This is the reason I am excited to be a Millennium Fellow. I want to do my part of contributing to this society. Millennium Fellowship permits my team to be a part of the community, that works on different issues. It empowers my team, by giving us voice to be heard better and validate our work, give visibility, inspire other young minds, and build confidence in us to strive our best to make a change. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Initiate, Educate, Liberate

Initiate-Educate-Liberate focuses on educating the underprivileged people of Bhatan, Maharashtra, where Amity University is located. The people of the village are deprived of basic education. Thus, the goal is to provide all round education and awareness to children as well as the elderly. There is a government funded school in the village, however, due to lack of proper infrastructure students do not flock in large numbers. Considering these constraints, the team has come up with the following plan of action:
1. Fund-raising- The team will be working on doing month-long fundraising events online. The funds that will be collected will be spent on providing educational necessities to underprivileged school/students/individuals in the form of books and stationery donations and in the most efficient way.
2. Webinars- Through webinars on various topics, the project would enlighten them on important topics such as the importance of Sustainable Development Goals, Ethics, Environmental issues, and others.
3. Workshops: providing workshops on various subjects. The project wish to provide them a foreign language, spoken English development workshops, and activities. There will be workshops on various other topics as well.
4. Skill development- I have planned on creating various modules and homework sheets which can be done by oneself at home. These modules will be focusing on their skill development aspects.
5. Survey- There will be surveys conducted before any webinar, to know the audience and their take on the topic. This will help me in delivering a much more concrete webinar that is audience friendly and helps them in the understanding of the topic.
6. Awareness sessions: collaborate with other teammates and provide awareness sessions on topics such as menstruation and food wastage.
7. Social media- use social media most efficiently and promoting and showcasing the works done by all the members of the team targeting people so that they come forwards and lend a hand.

About the Millennium Fellow

Yogita Raju Patil is from Kolhapur, Maharashtra and currently studies B.Tech-second year in the Aerospace Department at Amity University, Mumbai. She is passionate about contributing to the right education of children, women and the underprivileged parts of the society.

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