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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



Olabisi Onabanjo University | Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria | Advancing SDG 5, SDG 11, SDG 16 & UNAI 8


" Having a goal and not having a platform to achieve it is one of the most terrible situations one can ever face. I'm glad that Millennium Fellowship is my biggest stage ever to have the chance to showcase my innovations and also get me to take a giant step forward in actualizing my dream. I can't wait to start applying the knowledge I gain from this to making my society a better one. I'm really excited! "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Igniting the Girl Child’s Potential

To Commemorate the International day of the girl child on October 11, 2022 themed " Our time is now-our rights, our future". Millennium fellowship Olabisi Onabanjo University, Sagamu Campus in partnership with The Sapphire Development Initiative, will carry out the project titled, “ Igniting the Girl Child’s Potential". ( IGCP)
This project have three (3) aims which include:
The project is aimed at enlightening and educating the girls about their rights, which includes right to freedom of decision making, education, political and economic empowerment sexual &reproduction health, none discrimination, zero violence and abuse. The project will also enlightenment about how they can confidently leverage on this rights.
This project is aimed at creating awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The 17 SDG goals and its importance in the world. Also, millions of girls are faced with challenges due to their lack of awareness about ''Bodily autonomy", quality sexual and sexuality education the agencies and organizations Like UNFPA associated with zero violence and abuse. This project aimed at providing this awareness to the girls, in other of the boost their confidence to make decision about what happen to their bodies and speak up when they are sexual assaulted.
Empowering a girl child means empowerment in all aspects of their identity which includes guidance concerning various career choices and opportunities that can boost and also provide a leverage to their self perception, academics, social impact and involvement in the world social space.

Activities that would take place includes 1.Enlightenment, Awareness and Empowerment sessions
2. Spotlighting or Focus group discussions where the girls will be asked to get the perception of the girls on the kind of abortion providers they would prefer to and why ?
3. Games
4. Quiz
This project's goal is to lead over 300 girls to be educated their rights, make informed decisions about their bodies, and actively engaged in their environment growth. Providing them with enlightenment, and empowerment towards opportunities we aspire to see them impact other females around them to make informed choices about their bodies.

About the Millennium Fellow

Oluwatosin Idowu is a young, promising and innovative pharmacist who graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University with distinction (First class) with a CGPA of 4.63. He received the award of the Most Outstanding Student by Nigeria Association of Pharmacists in Academia for both his academic achievement and commitment towards the activities of the Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students.

He was born in Nigeria where he currently resides. Oluwatosin is an advocate of good governance and good interpersonal relationship as he believes that these are the major keys to nation building.

During his undergraduate period, he was involved in student politics with the aim of ensuring populous participation in selecting right leaders at the student association level. He was elected as the Senate President of Omo Ogun House of senate, National Association Of Ogun State students, OOU Chapter during this period.

He hopes to use his experience and innovative ideas to contribute towards achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Goals.

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