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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship.  In the three months the application was open in 2018, students applied to join the Class of 2018 on 285 campuses across 57 nations.  30 campuses worldwide (just 11%) were selected to host the 530 Millennium Fellows in the global pilot this year. 

The Class of 2018 is bold, innovative, and inclusive. Millennium Fellows' Projects are projected to positively impact the lives of over 310,000 people worldwide this year. 


Brandeis University l Massachusetts, USA l Advancing SDG 16 and UNAI 6


"The Right to Immigration Institute's success could not have been possible without the collaboration and support of numerous organizations and individuals. As we look to turn the page and begin on the next chapter of our journey of growth, I'm excited to be a Millennium Fellow because this will be essential in hearing about strategies and ideas other students are using to build their ideas and tackle complex issues. This collaboration and feedback that comes with working and learning from others is a key component in ensuring our success."

Millennium Fellowship Project

The Right to Immigration Institute (TRII) trains undergraduate students to become accredited representatives under the US Department of Justice, able to provide pro-bono legal counsel to people seeking to immigrate to the United States. Students study in a classroom setting and work alongside immigration attorneys for a year to develop an understanding of the US immigration law system. Once accredited by the DOJ, they are able to work with clients, offering vital assistance in protecting their fundamental human rights which have been trampled upon through persecution and hatred, as they work towards attaining legal status in the United States. TRII is founded amidst the current culture of animosity towards immigrants and refugees, making it more important than ever to welcome and support those vulnerable communities for their own safety and comfort. We provide free legal advice and representation to individuals, run community education workshops, and immigration classes so that individuals most at risk are able to navigate their way to asylum with as little difficulty as possible.

We measure our impact in four ways: students trained, clients served, events hosted/attended, and money raised. Our goals are:

  1. Train at least 15 students

  2. Serve at least 100 clients

  3. Host/attend at least 5 events

  4. Raise at least $25,000

About the Millennium Fellow

Jonathan is senior at Brandeis University where he is majoring in politics and philosophy and minoring in economics, legal studies, and social justice & social policy. Born in Denmark and raised in the United States, Jonathan has always been drawn to issues surrounding immigration. While his experiences of navigating the immigration system have been primarily straightforward, this is not a reality for most people attempting to understand immigration in the U.S. When he isn't working on immigration issues or taking classes, Jonathan enjoys hiking, sculpture gardens, cooking, and talking about hyper-local politics.

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