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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship.  In the three months the application was open in 2018, students applied to join the Class of 2018 on 285 campuses across 57 nations.  30 campuses worldwide (just 11%) were selected to host the 530 Millennium Fellows in the global pilot this year. 

The Class of 2018 is bold, innovative, and inclusive. Millennium Fellows' Projects are projected to positively impact the lives of over 310,000 people worldwide this year. 


Moravian College l Pennsylvania, USA l Advancing SDG 17 and UNAI 9

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"I am excited to be a Millennium Fellow because the UNAI and MCN fellowship is an opportunity for growth, training, and networking that validates my role as an advocate for the necessary policies and infrastructures that address affordable housing. Sustainable solutions to the housing dilemma such as housing crisis intervention, legal lease assist programs, and home-based care management, can only be effective if championed by our community. This Fellowship will empower my voice with the credibility to advocate for housing equity in our community, and once perfected, perhaps expand onto the global stage. "

Millennium Fellowship Project

The 1742 Model team plans to educate youth about what sustainable development means and why working towards achieving the SDGs is important for our world. While accomplishing this, the team will be showcasing the work our group will be doing over the course of the Fellowship to address food insecurity, housing insecurity, and LGBTQ+ partnership on their campus and in their community as examples of what can be done to help advance the SDGs. 

Measurable Goals:

  • Host 10-14 educational events reaching a total audience of 750 people to educate campus & local communities on the SDGs using the “World’s Largest Lesson Plan” (educational materials created by the UN to teach the SDGs to youth), relevant documentary screenings, classroom discussions, and campus-wide forums 

  • Educate 500+ youth about what the SDGs are and why they are important (tracked using pre/post event surveys)

  • Reduce campus food waste and contribute to local food banks by creating 1 food reclamation agreement between college and dining services

  • Identify the number/type of housing insecurity issues faced by Moravian College students through a campus-wide survey

  • Identify the number/type of food insecurity issues faced by Moravian College students through a campus-wide survey

  • Create 1 institutional agreement to improve student involvement with/understanding of housing insecurity issues in the Lehigh Valley

  • Create 1 institutional agreement to improve student involvement with/understanding of issues faced by LGBTQ+ community in the Lehigh Valley

About the Millennium Fellow

Kayla Herr is a rising senior at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She is a dedicated student of Public Health with a passion for equity and advocacy of vulnerable populations and a special interest in delivering compassionate and culturally competent public responses. As vice president of the Moravian College Public Health Club, she hopes to create empathy and awareness through continued involvement in the Point in Time Count and poverty simulations. As president of her Alpha Sigma Tau chapter, she has expanded fundraising partnerships in the Lehigh Valley area with the American Heart Association and Dress for Success organization.

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