Abiona Olaide Oludayo


Lagos State University l Lagos, Nigeria l Advancing SDG 17 and UNAI Principle 9


“I am an individual with an innate passion to impact the society positively and to serve humanity. I believe that if the global goals can be successfully implemented in the Universities, the chances of implementing the goals at each state of the Federation will be greatly increased, because a university is a small community as compared to a state. Also, if the goals can be successfully implemented in each states of the Federation, there will be a high chance of implementing the goals at the National level, because a state is a small community as compared to a country. Hence, if the goals can be implemented successfully in a small community, the chances of implementing the goals will be very high in a large community because a small community is a reflection of the large community. I believe being a Millennium Fellow will equip me with various skills that will help me impact my university positively, in the bid to make my campus more sustainable to the university populace. I believe implementing the SDGs in my campus is a great service to humanity in which the younger generation will also benefit from.”

Millennium Fellowship Project

The Sustainable Development Goals Awareness Campaign Tour at Lagos State University Cohort (SDGsACT LASU) is an organization aimed at propagating the SDGs on campus and its implementation as it is needed in the university’s community. SDGsACT centers on all the global goals with much focus and energy dissipated through the fellowship programs on goals 3,4,6,13 and 17 through our Drug Abuse Campaign(3), Excelminds Online Video Tutorials(4), Clean LASU day(6), Environmental Conference (13) and SDGsACT Colloquium (17) in the next four months. The SDGsACT team hopes to achieve a world of total sustainability where present development wouldn't compromise future proceedings thus supporting UNAI principle no. 9.

Abiona has a great zeal towards the Academic world, currently in my third year at Lagos State University, department of Microbiology. He is always ready to render all sorts of service to humanity through God given talents and intellectual capacities. He has been involved in various academic and non academic activities.

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