Ahmodu Oladejo


Lagos State University l Lagos, Nigeria l Advancing SDG 17 and UNAI Principle 9

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“‘A life without impact is a life without value’, they say.

As a millennium fellow, I would have great impact on my community, hence live a valued life.”

Millennium Fellowship Project

The Sustainable Development Goals Awareness Campaign Tour at Lagos State University Cohort (SDGsACT LASU) is an organization aimed at propagating the SDGs on campus and its implementation as it is needed in the university’s community. SDGsACT centers on all the global goals with much focus and energy dissipated through the fellowship programs on goals 3,4,6,13 and 17 through our Drug Abuse Campaign(3), Excelminds Online Video Tutorials(4), Clean LASU day(6), Environmental Conference (13) and SDGsACT Colloquium (17) in the next four months. The SDGsACT team hopes to achieve a world of total sustainability where present development wouldn't compromise future proceedings thus supporting UNAI principle no. 9.

Ahmodu Oladejo is a citizen of Nigeria and a student at Lagos state University Ojo. Since he was in Junior high school, taking up leadership role, supervising projects, impacting knowledge, and ensuring a better community, have just been a nice coincidence for him. He never knew it was an integral part of him and he knew it was something he would have a passion for. Before he gained admission into the university, he was fortunate to read a book titled: the power of focus by Les Hewitt and Luc d'Abadie. There he learnt that being in the university is not only about being a bookworm but rather about gaining relevant experiences and finding solutions to problems. Having realized this, he gladly made the most of any opportunity that could help him develop himself and give back to the community by making it a better place. He believes that the millennium fellowship is one of such great opportunities. Ahmodu looks forward so eagerly to take up challenges during this fellowship and develop relevant skills.