Noura Alkhudair

"I am excited for our club to take part because it exposes the club to UNAI‘s network of Institutions."

The name of the project is Cyber Security Club, Effat University. The club provides the students who are passionate about Cyber Security the expansion in knowledge and skills through a series of practical workshops. The goal to be reached during August-November is a consecutive increase of applicants to the club and spread this important knowledge across the female society. The Cyber Security Club aims to advance SDG‘s 5th principle on gender equality and the UNAI‘s principal on higher education systems.

About the Millennium Fellow

Noura Alkhudair is a student at Effat University. She is continuing her studies in Computer Science. She is in the Cyber Security Club that is run in her universities Campus by their leader Majd. Noura’s interests include Application Development and Cyber Security. Cyber Security became my passion because of it’s growing need in industries and it’s Provision of security.

Social Media

My Twitter account is @alkhudair_noura