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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship.  In the three months the application was open in 2018, students applied to join the Class of 2018 on 285 campuses across 57 nations.  30 campuses worldwide (just 11%) were selected to host the 530 Millennium Fellows in the global pilot this year. 

The Class of 2018 is bold, innovative, and inclusive. Millennium Fellows' Projects are projected to positively impact the lives of over 310,000 people worldwide this year. 


University of Pennsylvania l Pennsylvania, USA l Advancing SDG 16 and UNAI 9

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“It is clear to me that it will take collaboration, intersectionality, and a grassroots, experience-based approach to find solutions to the most pressing issues facing our world. As a Millennium Fellow, I look forward to strengthening connections with other globally minded groups on campus, broadening my perspective, and utilizing the expertise and experience of the United Nations and MCN to enable me to advocate effectively on behalf of refugees around the world. I look forward to being inspired by the rich community of Millennium Fellows and contributing my own ideas and unique perspective as someone committed to using the power of film & media to achieve social change.”

Millennium Fellowship Project

Penn FilmAid is a student organization that uses media, especially film, to raise awareness of the continuing global refugee and migration crisis through screenings, conversations, videos, workshops, and panel discussions. They will host multiple events to change public perception of refugees, spur attendees to action, and elucidate ways in which communities can assist refugees and immigrants. In addition to these events, we will also create videos supporting a refugee serving NGO and highlighting refugee stories in Philadelphia in order to increase access to essential services for refugees and promote positive stories about refugees. We are bringing a Golden Globe nominated screenwriter and producer, who is a resettled refugee and former child soldier to campus for three distinct a talk, film screening, and a hands-on, seminar-style workshop on filmmaking for social change (three distinct events on two separate days). We will also have a film screening in collaboration with a local refugee-serving NGO. In addition, we will have a screening of Shattering Refuge, a documentary film I shot on three continents, about media representation of refugees and immigrants. (Shattering Refuge won the Social Justice Award at the 2018 Rough Cut Film Festival) Altogether, we expect these events to reach about 750 people. In addition, we will also strive to have the film & events covered in a publication with wide readership, in order to reach as many people as possible.

About the Millennium Fellow

Sonari Chidi is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Cinema & Media Studies and Africana Studies. He is interested in the power of film to effect social change. In the summer of 2017, Sonari traveled to the UN Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya to work alongside refugee filmmakers to create videos about life in the camp. Inspired by his experiences in Kenya, he co-founded Penn FilmAid. Penn FilmAid uses media, especially film, to raise awareness of the continuing global refugee and migration crisis through screenings, conversations, and panel discussions Sonari is an award-winning filmmaker. Shattering Refuge, the 2018 documentary Sonari directed, explores media representation of refugees.

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