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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In 2021, over 25,000 young leaders on 2,000+ campuses across 153 nations applied to join the Class of 2021. 136 campuses worldwide (just 6%) were selected to host the 2,000+ Millennium Fellows. The Class of 2021 is bold, innovative, and inclusive.



Indraprastha College for Women | New Delhi, India | Advancing SDG 4 & UNAI 3


" The Millennium Fellowship is a great opportunity for me to interact and share my ideas in a larger social circle. It would help me expand my horizon and open my mind to newer ideas. It is a platform of recognition that has empowered me to create impact in new ways and has provided me with a space to work on sharpening my leadership skills and to improve the student organizations, partnerships, and make a community impact, working as a team. I feel honoured and excited, believe it would be an empowering lifetime experience to be part of it, learn and be able to make a big impact from this Millennium Fellowship that has truly enamoured me. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Project PEHL

PEHL (Promoting Education & Holistic Learning), the name says it all, neither huge nor that small, but an initiative to contribute in being a part of the global network of change makers. As Ron Lewis has rightly said “Ensuring quality education is one of the most important things we can do for our future generations”, so our project PEHL targets SDG 4, (QUALITY EDUCATION) ’ and UNAI principle 3 (EDUCATION FOR ALL). Quality education plays a vital role in everyone's daily life as it leads to innovation, higher levels of productivity, and increased human & economic growth. Holistic development centered around quality education is the need of the hour, so this project targets not just the reading & writing aspect of education, but also the spiritual well being, awareness of several social & environmental issues, and training of target population’s mind to think critically.

The COVID pandemic couldn’t stop us from achieving our goals, as we did many things in virtual as well as physical mode with all the necessary precautions to achieve our goals. It includes Collaboration with NGOs, Conducting online seminars and webinars with students, online events/meetings, book drives among underprivileged children, raising awareness of several social issues among rural women, and so on.

About the Millennium Fellow

Khushi Singh is a determined, efficient, sociable student pursing Philosophy Honours from Indraprastha College For Women, Delhi University. She lives in a family of four, was born in Lucknow but bought up in many places. She spent two years of her life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was when she realised she had immense potential and was a social butterfly. She started participating in various fields, identified with her good speaking skills and leadership skills by reviews from teachers who observed her and appreciated her in teamwork projects. However, Khushi mainly loved to work for social welfare. She is disciplined and persistent, has always been passionate about social service and believed the world could be a better place if people could come together and work for it. She believes in herself and is motivated to create an impact in the world. Her aim is to progress in development of the globe and be an asset to its economy.

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