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frequently asked questions:

  1. My acceptance email had “Please note that your Fellowship acceptance is conditional upon us receiving a completed academic reference by August 30”, what should I do?

    Contact the academic reference you listed when submitting your application and remind them to submit their recommendation form. Only your reference can submit this part. If you have additional questions contact us at

  2. I submitted my Millennium Fellowship spotlight form but I would like to make an edit. How can I do that?

    Please send the revised version directly to us at and we will update your form.

  3. I submitted a picture for my spotlight form but I don’t see it in my profile!

    If your profile picture was not uploaded it is either due to 1) low-quality image 2) incorrect/corrupt file 3) dimensions did not match our standard frame. Please submit a different picture to our team at

  4. Other question?

    Feel free to reach out to us at: