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The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN present the Millennium Fellowship.  This semester-long leadership development program takes place on selected campuses worldwide, convening, challenging, and celebrating student leadership that advances the Sustainable Development Goals.

If a campus hub is selected at your institution, your Millennium Fellows will receive training, connections, and recognition at no cost to your institution or Fellows.  We encourage you to share this content with your student leaders.  Applications for the Class of 2022 will open in Fall 2021 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis for a limited number of Fellowships, so early applications are encouraged.

Academic institutions in every region of the world have benefited from this program - see campus press here.  Millennium Fellows have earned the Rhodes Scholarship and won an Academy Award.  This is an extraordinary movement of social impact leaders committed to making the Sustainable Development Goals reality by 2030. You will find answers to specific questions below.


Millennium Fellows at the Universidad de Las Américas in Quito, Ecuador awarded their Millennium Fellowship certificates and celebrated by university staff, faculty, and Rector Carlos Larreategui.

Incarnate Word, Mexico
Moravian College, PA, USA

Frequently asked questions

Application Process

How can we have the Millennium Fellowship on our campus?

Thank you for your leadership and for recognizing the value of this opportunity for your students and community. A select number of campuses worldwide will be selected for the Millennium Fellowship in 2021 based on the number and caliber of student applications (only 6% of campuses were selected as campus hubs for the Fellowship in 2020). The program will be offered at no cost to selected students and campus hubs. We invite you to take the following actions:

  • Reach out to students on your campus with this content and encourage them to apply for the Millennium Fellowship as soon as possible (as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis). You are seeking 8-20+ Millennium Fellows for your campus, including two students to serve as Campus Directors. Competitive cohorts typically have 15-20 or more applications.
  • Campuses have secured 20+ applicants by sending out a campus-wide email to all undergraduates and following up with interested students. When reaching out, offer concrete support that students can include in their applications. If applicants can note that they have specific support of administration and faculty to help ensure success of the cohort, that is worth highlighting.
  • When students apply for the program, they are asked to provide a reference. Ensure your student leaders have strong references (from you or colleagues on campus).

Can our institution submit an application on behalf of our students?

Undergraduates must apply individually to the Millennium Fellowship. If more than one student is working on a project together, they can copy/paste relevant answers pertaining to project description/intended outcomes in their applications. The application does require an academic reference. On some campuses multiple faculty/staff provide these, while on others one person provides these references for all applicants. Either option is acceptable.

What types of projects are acceptable?

As long as students' proposed projects align with one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals and one or more of the UNAI principles, it is appropriate for this program. Students on a campus can all work together on a collective project, or they can work individually/in smaller groups on a number of projects. Here are concrete examples of projects featured by UNAI, and you can review more by campus here.

During the Fellowship

A cohort of Millennium Fellows has been selected on our campus! What is the role of faculty/administrators?

If a cohort of Millennium Fellows is selected on your campus:

  • Be a resource/mentor for your cohort of Millennium Fellows.
  • Ensure your two Campus Directors (two Fellows chosen to curate the Fellowship on campus) know you and have your active support in the lead up to and during the Millennium Fellowship this August-December.
  • If you are a University President/Vice-Chancellor/administrator/faculty/staff member with additional questions, please reach out with subject line “Campus Inquiry” to Given your interest in supporting student leadership that advances UN goals, your institution is also encouraged to explore becoming a UNAI member.

Academic Credit, Press, Presidential Meeting, And more ways to Support your Fellows

In 2020, students applied from 15,159 campuses across 135 nations for the Millennium Fellowship; just 6% of campuses worldwide were selected to host Fellows. If your students are successful, congratulations! Here are five specific ways you can support your Millennium Fellows:

  • Press: Ensure your communications department and/or student media cover the news that Millennium Fellows were selected on your campus. Example: here is an article on Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania and a social media post from President Gutmann.
  • Presidential Engagement:Each head of institution is invited to submit a quote and/or video message in support of their Fellows. Additionally, your President/Vice-Chancellor can meet with your Millennium Fellows to recognize their leadership. They can also join in during a watch party on campus during the Town Hall or Graduation.
  • Mentorship: At the University of California, Davis, Dr. Nancy Erbstein would sit in on some Fellowship sessions to provide support. On other campuses, faculty/staff focused on building close relationships with Campus Directors, helping mentor them and guide them to be strong facilitators of content.
  • Academic Credit: Moravian College in Pennsylvania provided academic credit to its Millennium Fellows (with additional credit for their two campus directors). Many campuses consider allocating credit to Fellows as an independent study. Millennium Fellows convene at least ten times during the academic semester.
  • Funding:Some campuses provided seed funding to their Millennium Fellows' Projects. This is a great way to bolster their efforts.

Additional Questions

Our campus already has a leadership development program. Why should we encourage our student leaders to apply?

This program gives your students access to a global student network - as a Millennium Fellow, they can draw on expertise and form partnerships with peers and alumni from across the globe. Your Campus Directors will also draw upon the MCN's Action Toolkit and core curriculum to help curate the Fellowship for students on campus. This experiential curriculum has been utilized by student leaders on multiple campuses since 2013. Over time, the Millennium Fellowship as a brand will become a known entity to employers, funders, and academic institutions. This designation will give your students increased credibility, including a certificate in recognition of completion of students' Fellowship Projects from MCN and United Nations Academic Impact. The Millennium Fellowship aims to be complementary, not competitive. If there is already a leadership development program on campus, we encourage you to let your program organizers know about this Fellowship. If your student leaders are selected to form a campus hub, existing campus programs are welcome to incorporate the Millennium Fellowship into their plans for 2021. If your academic institution has any questions on how to do this, you may contact us with subject line "Campus Inquiry" at

Other Questions

If you have additional questions regarding this program, please write with subject "Campus Inquiry" to There is a high volume of inquiries (particularly during the application process) and your question will be answered as soon as possible.