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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In 2021, over 25,000 young leaders on 2,000+ campuses across 153 nations applied to join the Class of 2021. 136 campuses worldwide (just 6%) were selected to host the 2,000+ Millennium Fellows. The Class of 2021 is bold, innovative, and inclusive.



First Technical University Ibadan | Ibadan, Nigeria | Advancing SDG 4 & UNAI 2


" Eagerness to be a voice in disseminating meaningful information through talks and writing has always been with me. I am so much excited to be a Millennium Fellow because being a member of the organization will give me more edge and opportunity to relay and explore my utmost wishes being one of my goals. I am also glad due to the fact that I would be able to be a good role model for my Institution by impacting positively through this organization on my fellow students. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Classy Rahmah Writes...

So far, I have been able to impact meaningfully and positively in the society to some extent through what l I love doing most which is writing. I have written several life changing articles to the public. I am working on SDG 4 which is Quality Education.

I have been making awareness on education for all and the education has to be a quality one. In the sense that, Education is not only about Academics, there are some other parts of intelligence that needs to be acquired by all. Example of such is Emotional Intelligence, one having the right knowledge to understand the emotions of himself and also those around him.

Listening to my colleagues in school, understanding their concerns and feelings has helped me to get certain things right and this would help in the journey of having a Quality Educational System in the society as people naturally adores anyone that understands their feelings and is always willing to provide a listening ear. If this is rightly channelled into our educational system both within and outside Nigeria, it will aid and improve better performance of students as a result of the upright behaviour of teachers/lecturers.

Some necessary skills such as, Leadership and Interpersonal skills is greatly needed to be acquired by any students that is aware of what the outside world/labor market is made up of. A graduate is going to be dealing with more complex situations during practice and as such, he/she need more sophisticated tools to be able to perform excellently. This, has been one of my sensitization so far.

Furthermore, I have been constantly laying emphasis on the great need for hands on experience or practicals to be included in our Educational Curriculum. This would undoubtedly reduce the rate of unemployment cases in the society taking Nigeria as a Case Study. Quality Education should be about what can be done with one's hand and not just abstract knowledge.

About the Millennium Fellow

Biomedical Engineering being her field of study, Ramat Opeyemi OLOPADE is a student of the First Technical University, Ibadan. RAMAT is a career minded and resolute being who believes that having a zealous interest in people’s silence is certainly one of the significant steps in birthing a sound society.
As an upright and a determined individual, she is engrossed in incorporating people’s thoughts through talks and writing. She has written countless number of meaningful articles which has in one way or the other benefitted the public.
RAMAT is currently the Public Relations Officer, Steering Committee for NUESA, First Technical University Ibadan Chapter. She is a writer and an aspiring public speaker.

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