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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



Asian University for Women | Chattogram, Bangladesh | Advancing SDG 2 & UNAI 3


" I am an Afghan girl who has experienced the terror of three bomb explosions in my classroom, and each time, I have fought hard to overcome the challenges that these events have brought upon me. I have seen the faces of fear, pain, and desperation, but I have also seen the power of resilience and the strength of the human spirit.

Despite the trauma that I have faced, I have never given up on my dreams. In fact, these experiences have only strengthened my resolve to make a difference in the world. I want to work towards creating a better future for underprivileged lives and to empower them to achieve their fullest potential.

That is why I have started my own non-profit organization to help those who are less fortunate. I believe that we can make a difference, one person at a time. I have faced the worst of what life can throw at me, but I refuse to let it define me. Instead, I will use my experiences to inspire others and to make a positive impact on the world.

I know that the road ahead will be difficult, but I am determined to persevere. I will continue to work towards my goals, and I will not let anything stand in my way. I hope that my story can inspire others to overcome their own challenges and to make a difference in their communities.

Remember, my dear friend, that we are stronger than we think, and with perseverance and determination, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Project Khaddo Daan

Working on SGD 2: Zero Hunger, a group of enthusiastic AUW students who are always eager to assist those in need founded Project Khaddo Daan. They took this as the inspiration for the name of their group, Feed The Need. Project Khaddo Daan aims to reduce food wastage and poverty by collecting leftover edible food from restaurants and delivering them to orphanages, old age homes, and homeless & needy people in Chittagong.

This project was founded by Masooma Shabbar who has made it her lifelong mission to help those in need. We are 8 core members who are working on this initiative. The other group members are as follows:

1. Adrika Chowdhury Prachi - Graphics Designer and Editor
2. Saymonthi Barua - Head of Public Relations
3. Mashtura Khan - Communication Manager
4. Shaika Mohammad Chowdhury -Social Media Manager
5. Dyuti Oindrela - Head of Finance
6. Nasaba Magnona Rawan - Treasurer
7. Nasrin Nadiry - Content Writer

About the Millennium Fellow

Nasrin Nadiry was born in 2001 in the Daymirdad district of Maidan Wardak province, she started her primary education in the same district, but her destiny was set differently as if war and insecurity were the spice of many of our lives, and all these challenges and struggles produced good fighters and leaders from all of us. In 2007, Nasrin Nadiry and her family were forced to migrate to Kabul due to the attack of nomads on the Daymirdad district, And she upgraded the secondary and higher schools in Kabul province with the highest scores. Despite all the challenges during her studies, including surviving three explosions and terrorist attacks during the Kankor preparation classes in western Kabul's educational centers, in 2021 she got admission from Asian University for Women, and she was also one of the winners of the Izmir University of Economics Scholarship in 2020.
Miss. Nasrin Nadiry has had many civil and teaching activities in addition to her lessons and studies,
among her activities, can mention her actively participation in the following organizations;

"Civil Society and Human Rights Network, Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Office, Victims Protection Organization, Daymirdad Civil Youth council, AFS, intercultural programs, AMNESTY International, AYLA" and also now she is founder and head of Helios None Profit Organization which is going to provide educational and empowerment programs for youth specifically for Afghan girls.

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