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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



Duke Kunshan University | Kunshan, China | Advancing SDG 10 & UNAI 3


" It has always been my dream to be a world citizen with national roots. For sure, it requires us not only have an global perspective, but also have an empathy with the people worldwide. Even the suffering of people far away should not be ignored, which is the intrinsic driving force behind my participation in Millennium Fellow. On the one hand, I hope to address the educational inequality problem through the platform of Millennium Fellow, namely, MCN can provide me with rich resources, including but not limited to rich social networking, excellent peers, experienced mentors and so on. On the other hand, I want to take this opportunity to further improve my leadership and let my leadership play a positive role in the real community "

Millennium Fellowship Project: SPAIDEA Lab

To provide non-utilitarian quality education for elementary and middle school students in non-urban areas of China.

In partnership with DKU and UNESCO, the program utilizes the resources of DKU's multicultural community and ASPnet (UNESCO Associated Schools Network) to provide non-utilitarian educational programs and resources to elementary and middle schools in less developed areas of China, working to address the inequalities in education and the shortcomings of the utilitarian education model in less developed areas of China.

The program integrates resources that are multicultural in nature and inclusive in nature, including, but not limited to, philosophical enlightenment, career planning, mental health, and other non-utilitarian educational content. In today's increasingly globalized world, many of China's less developed socio-economic regions have achieved significant infrastructural improvements, but there is still a deep-rooted conservative, utilitarian mindset in the curriculum and educational philosophy, as well as a lack of multicultural perspectives. This is hardly conducive to the holistic growth of students, so this project identifies this disparity in education within China and addresses it.

About the Millennium Fellow

He works as a student leader in the DKU multicultural community.
Meanwhile, he also founded C-Club and SPAIDEA Lab to promote multicultural exchanges and GCED popularization. He is also a UNESCO's ASPnet program member and assisted the Paris headquarters in researching the "Incheon Declaration" implementation in Northern Europe and participate the designing of GCED materials. He also participated in the Spring Festival party of Central and Eastern Europe as a student representative and served as the interpreter for the Ambassador and commercial counsellors of Serbia, which is one of his important actions committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges
Moreover, as a co-sponsor, he organized the "Youth Power and Sustainable Development of Education Roundtable Forum" with Beijing Foreign Studies University. Hongji is also the youth representative of CCTV1 "VOICE". Besides, he also participated in writing the 14th Five-year Cultural Industry planning report in Bengbu, Anhui Province. In general, he hopes to address the deeper educational inequity, that is, the spiritual inequity: the lack of international vision, the lack of global citizenship education, and so on, are all products of the utilitarian education concept. That is something Hongji Zou hopes to address Hongji is from China.

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