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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



National University of Study and Research in Law | Ranchi, India | Advancing SDG 3 & UNAI 6


" Being a village boy, hailing from a small village in the state of Jharkhand, India, I saw many issues which are prevailing in our society like gender inequality, poverty and growing patriarchial ideology. From my school days onwards, I saw various incidences where girls are restricted from even attending school which makes things worse for working women. This Fellowship will provide me with opportunities to work on the ground level and contribute to my society within the objective of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Project Samman: Our Body Our Right

The current condition of women in the state of Jharkhand is not up to the mark they lack basic amenities and rights. My state is one of the most tribal dominant and backward states of India where women’s sexual right is merely a dream. Whenever Anyone gets to hear the name “Jharkhand” their brain directly goes to people living in the Jungle with no sense of any rights. So, here comes my role as a fellow. I will make aware them of their basic rights especially bodily rights i.e Sexual and reproductive health rights(SRHR). My project will allow people to discuss this matter, we will give a platform to all the stakeholders which may be able to contribute to this project like govt. Agencies, tribal activists, NGOs, and hospitals are nearby the place where the research will be conducted. Also, I will go physically to the schools, colleges, and villages to meet the girls and women and will talk to them about SRHR. My project will give a huge impact on the tribal population of Jharkhand, especially women. Also, this project will help state govt central government, activists, and NGOs to plan their future schemes and activities and they will reach directly to the root problem by accessing the data of the project.
At this moment it is the most discussed topic because of its wide importance. My project will do have the capacity to do all the required functions which are currently needed to achieve tribal women's SRHR.

About the Millennium Fellow

Pritam Kumar is a young passionate and budding law enthusiast, currently studying at National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, India. Being always driven towards Human rights and voiced rights of women, He always advocated the exploitation and sufferings of those who can't speak for their rights. He has been associated with various Humanitarian Organisations and Associations, He has prior experience of Humanitarian research and Human Interactions. With his leadership skills he is chairing one of the national research centre dedicated to Human and Child Rights. As an individual, he is a competitive student and always interested to help people fighting for their rights and giving voice to the voiceless.

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