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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



St. John’s Medical College | Bangalore, India | Advancing SDG 3 & UNAI 9


" Being a part of a programme that allows me to help the society in any way will give me a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. I believe that this programme will help me come out of my comfort zone and work on a cause that I am passionate about. Moreover I believe that this is an opportunity that will help me bring about any positive action. Which is why I am very excited for this programme because I know that at the end of this experience I will have learnt a lot of new things and would have developed as an individual. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Buckle Up Bengaluru

Vision: An eco-friendly sustainable city with functionally healthy and responsible residents at its helm.

Mission: To raise awareness and dispel misinformation about stress related and chronic illnesses through walkathons and cycling rallies in and around Bangalore.

The project has been divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Raise awareness about walkathons/cycling rallies
In campus: Create e-posters and pamphlets and send it across to different batches of MBBS, AHS, Nursing, as well as to faculties and various clinical departments to raise awareness about the rallies. We will also be asking the management if we can get permission to do a flash mob or a skit in the hospital lobby to attract attention of the patients and those who accompany them. Also through the MOU that the cycling club has with the Council For Active Mobility (CFAM), we hope to attract more participants through their contacts, forums and social media accounts.

Outside campus: Every Sunday for the preceding 3 weeks leading up to the first rally, we will be going out in teams of 3 to some of the favourite areas of Bangalore’s bicycling enthusiasts, including Cubbon park, MG road etc., to spread word and attract more participants for the rallies. We plan to talk to them about not just the rallies but also about the benefits of cycling, walking, jogging as methods of functional exercise and the important role mobility has on chronic health conditions.

Stage 2: Conduct the walkathons/ cycling rallies
We plan to conduct 3 such events (2 urban and 1 rural) within the months of September to December.
Rally 1 will be conducted within the third week of October with an aim of 50 participants. The same participants will also be contacted for the next 2 rallies as well, along with newer additions. Each potential participant will be asked to fill out a demographic detail form, where they will also be asked to detail any chronic health diseases that they may have had, or currently have, and the medication for the same, what kind of active mobility they engage in on a daily basis and how much time is devoted for the same, lifestyle changes that have been recommended, and whether they have been implemented or not. We will also be using this platform to engage more faculties in St. John’s to ditch their vehicles and walk or cycle to college or the hospital.
• Rally 1: Third week of October with 50 participants – Urban- walkathon in a nearby municipality park.
• Rally 2: Urban- cycling + walkathon in a bigger public area- example Cubbon Park
• Rally 3: Rural- TDM- cycling rally to Mugalur

A pre rally questionnaire will be sent out to know of perceptions around chronic health diseases, exercise, its impact. The post questionnaire after the rally will focus on whether their perceptions have changed and if they would join us for the next few rallies, and if they would make this a part of their daily routine and how diligently will they be following. Their experiences, positive and negative, will be accounted for through our feedback forms.

Every week a survey will be sent out to the participants to understand how many times a week they have devoted to cycling, or any other active mode of exercise, the duration, and how it has positively impacted different aspects of their life so far. Further if they are willing, we would also like them to attach details of their BP, HR, SpO2 (at rest) readings, before and after the events to quantify and analyse the impact of such a change.

Stage 3: Analyse and follow up
To keep the participants motivated, we will be sending out alerts, messages, to remind them of their daily exercise commitments. If possible, we would like to contact them, as a form of follow up and ensure they are following through with the regimen. Each person will be assigned to a certain member, who with the guidance of our mentors, will advise them on any queries pertaining to any aspect of this project.

About the Millennium Fellow

Maithili ghosh is a 19 year old medical student studying in st.johns medical college in india. Her hobbies include playing classical piano, sports like badminton and basketball and doing art.Besides being passionate about medicine she has always been an observant and learning student who has always been curious about the various problems faced by the society and the different ways in which they could be solved. She has always been grateful for all the opportunities has helped her create a positive impact on lives.Previously she was a part of an event called technovation wherein with her team she worked on an app that helps in improving the cleanliness of the surroundings. Such activities have always given her a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment with which she feels motivated to continue working on improving lives. Which is why she is very excited and thrilled to be a part of the Millennium Fellowship program and is looking forward to being an active participant working towards creating a positive impact.

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