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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



University of Education Winneba | Winneba, Ghana | Advancing SDG 1 & UNAI 1


" Innovative thinking and compassion ,put together with commitment and dedication is what drives me and my work. Impact making and being the change I wish to see ,has always been a motivation. Addressing the many problems of gender, education and poverty in Ghana is one thing I believe this Fellowship would be of great help for the attainment of my goals which are in line with UNAI and SDGs. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: The Sahel Emancipation Model Project

The Sahel Emancipation Model is a model design to focus on addressing poverty and quality education in Ghana, which was officially launched on September 23, 2022. Under the theme; An Emancipation Model Towards Addressing SDG 1,2 & 4. The project basically is about liberating Ghanaians from poverty and improving upon our educational system which is increasingly deteriorating. The primary sustainable development goal we are advancing is goal 1. As at November 2022, the project was already officially launched and the representatives for each of the three regional cities for our target audience, were brought together. During our time on campus we could not start the project because our target audience was not in the same place as our school.
The SAEM project is serving school dropouts and street children in the cities, Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. In Ghana, street-ism is a rising social concern as more and more minors and youth take to the streets in a daily struggle to survive, many of these children are school dropouts with no special skill or vocation. This phenomenon gravely offsets ‘The Children’s Act, 1998 Act 560 especially, and other conventions that explicitly outline the Ghanaian child's rights and the legal frameworks and policies within which protection, survival, and development of minors are to be pursued. Despite these conventions, for one reason or the other, most vulnerable children in Ghana remain unreached and unprotected in the midst of failed legal, policy, and institutional frameworks that hamper the achievement of absolute protection and representation of the vulnerable Ghanaian child and children in general. The SAEM project saw to it that these failed legal interventions are implemented in the lives of these children and their interests are well represented.We feel that addressing the issue of street-ism will aid in the reduction of poverty in Ghana. When these street children are given access to high-quality education and vocational training, they will be able to thrive in a microeconomic setting.

About the Millennium Fellow

Samiratu Mohammed is a self initiated, dedicated and result oriented lady, looking to excel in all levels of leadership, entrepreneurship and community service. She's very passionate about making impact and seeing that change is effected. She's love to advocate in what she believes in and like to witness positiveness wherever she finds herself.It sparks her interest whenever topics of gender and poverty is brought up. She loves to be involved in issues of national interest.Her love for community service and humanitarian work inspired her to start her foundation in a first year in the university, which was geared towards the achievement of the sustainable development goals, 1,4 and 5. Won a campus award for the foundation of the year in 2020 at the She essence awards for outstanding impact she made. Samira is a compassionate person who wish to make more impact in her community and nation at large.

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