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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. 44,000+ student leaders from 3,300+ campuses across 170+ nations applied to join the Class of 2023. 260+ campuses worldwide (just 9%) in 38 countries were selected to host 4,000+ Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2023.



Delhi Technological University | New Delhi, India | Advancing SDG 2 & UNAI 8 | Emerging Technologist


Millennium Fellowship Project: Voice of Animals (VOA)

Project Report: Voice of Animals
Executive Summary:
The "Voice of Animals" project is a grassroots initiative dedicated to providing essential care and support for stray animals. Our mission encompasses feeding, emergency handling, healing, neem spray application, and limited sterilization efforts. Through our efforts, we aim to improve the overall well-being of stray animals and create a more sustainable and compassionate environment for their coexistence with humans.

Project Overview:
Goals and Objectives:
Feeding Stray Animals:

Ensure regular feeding to meet basic nutritional needs.
Improve overall health and survival rates of stray animals.
Emergency Handling and Healing:

Provide immediate care and treatment for injured or sick stray animals.
Implement effective first aid, veterinary care, and rehabilitation.
Neem Spray and Sterilization:

Apply neem spray for parasite prevention and enhanced hygiene.
Undertake limited sterilization efforts to control the stray animal population.
Target Audience:
Stray animals in urban and suburban areas.
Local communities, volunteers, and animal welfare enthusiasts.
Project Timeline:
Phase 1: Establishment and Awareness (Month 1-3)

Project setup, team formation, and resource mobilization.
Awareness campaigns to engage local communities.
Phase 2: Feeding and Emergency Care (Month 4-6)

Initiate regular feeding programs.
Develop emergency response protocols and first aid training.
Phase 3: Neem Spray and Sterilization (Month 7-9)

Implement neem spray initiatives.
Expand sterilization efforts within resource constraints.
Phase 4: Impact Assessment and Expansion (Month 10-12)

Evaluate project impact and success stories.
Plan for expansion, community collaboration, and sustainable practices.
Activities and Achievements:
Feeding Stray Animals:
Established feeding stations in targeted areas.
Regularly provided nutritious meals to stray animals.
Monitored and documented improvements in animal health.
Emergency Handling and Healing:
Responded to emergency calls promptly.
Administered first aid and veterinary care.
Successfully rehabilitated and released animals post-treatment.
Neem Spray and Sterilization:
Conducted neem spray campaigns, reaching [number] animals.
Sterilized [number] animals within resource limitations.
Raised awareness about the importance of sterilization.
Challenges Faced:
Limited resources for sterilization efforts.
Community resistance and lack of awareness.
Weather and environmental challenges affecting outdoor activities.

Future Plans:
Scaling Sterilization Efforts:

Seek additional funding and resources for expanding sterilization initiatives.
Collaborate with veterinary clinics for increased capacity.

Community Engagement:

Strengthen partnerships with local communities through awareness programs.
Encourage volunteerism and community involvement in project activities.
Sustainability Measures:

Investigate sustainable funding models for long-term project viability.
Explore partnerships with local businesses, government agencies, and NGOs.
The "Voice of Animals" project has made significant strides in its initial phase, positively impacting the lives of stray animals in [location]. Through strategic planning, community engagement, and a commitment to our mission, we have laid the foundation for future growth and success.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our cause, striving to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and create a lasting legacy of compassion for our furry companions.

About the Millennium Fellow

Hello everyone, i am ANUJ CHOUDHARY. I am 20 years old energetic person. I am pursuing my bachelor's of technology in mechanical engineering from Delhi technological University. Currently i am in my 3rd year of college. I am an animal lover person, because of which we are conducting a project named as VOICE OF ANIMALS(VOA) which is under National service scheme (NSS). I am indulge in many other society like Rotaract club, STEP-dtu etc.

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