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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. 44,000+ student leaders from 3,300+ campuses across 170+ nations applied to join the Class of 2023. 260+ campuses worldwide (just 9%) in 38 countries were selected to host 4,000+ Millennium Fellows for the Class of 2023.



Federal University Dutse | Dutse, Nigeria | Advancing SDG 16 & UNAI 8


Millennium Fellowship Project: Peace and Justice As An Agent Of Development

Peace And Justice As An Agent Of Development

"A Kingdom can endure with unbelief, but it cannot endure with injustice." Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio

Peace and justice are cocktail sword of development in any given human society. No society can achieved a sound development without having a concrete peace and justice system that bound them together as a brother's keeper's.

In my research topic i want to postulate the important of peace and justice as an agent of development in human society. And i will offer proactive approaches to resolve conflict in human community.

As we are living in daunting political malaise and insecurity especially in the third world countries. Our political leaders don't have a well political will to overcome this challenges, and the rural people are being affected with this myopic of political aggrandizement policies designed by the political leaders about social justice system.

We are living in the society in which the justice system is discriminating the less privileged people in the society, it favors the well-fed people in the country. And this injustice serves as an element of inter-communal conflict in the human society, because of aggressive among the people in a given community.

Peace is a sword to a sound development any given society. When people are living in serene condition which let them into a prosperous development. Peace is a symbol of unity which enable a given clan to share their cultural heritage and ingenuity to others, so that they would satisfied their wants.

Behind any crisis in the world is injustice. Development cannot be achieved without a concrete justice system that won't discriminate the less privileged people a given society.

We need to have a proactive approaches that will resolve this daunting challenges that's threatening the sanctity of the people a society.

Firstly, They should be a well-fed up judicial system that will not discriminate the less privileged people in the system. The leaders and governed should obey the laws that governs them.

Secondly, The only way to bring to peace in a given society is by showing the sanctity of the each clan that bound together, not only of social relation but as brother's keeper's.

Again, The best proactive approach to resolve conflict crisis in the society is by tracing the historical element that caused the inter-communal conflict. And again, by offering Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR, to resolve the conflict.

Conflict is inevitable to human society, we can't be always be using hard power to resolve all the conflict in the society. Some conflict needs to be resolved through ADR in the society.

So, peace and justice are sword of achieving a sound development in the human society. No nation-state can achieve development without having a sound Judicial system that bound the people in the community.

About the Millennium Fellow

My name is Musa Muhammad. I was born on Aug 12,1998, in Zaria local government area, Kaduna state. I did my primary and secondary school in Zaria local government.

I obtained my senior secondary certificate SSCE, 2017 at Kai New Ear International School, Sabon Gari, Zaria. 2018, I was opportune to be admitted into Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria to study Public Administration. I finished my ND program 2019, with Second Class Upper in public Administration.

Again, 2019, i was been given admission in Federal University Dutse to study Bsc. Political Science.

I am currently in 300level class in department of political science, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa state, Nigeria.

I am interested in peace building and i love to be interacting with diverse people in other to learning their intellectual prowess.

I love reading books and sport.

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