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Jiyeong Ko and Minkyeong Bae, two Millennium Fellows championing sustainable fashion in Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 25

'I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream.' - Vincent Van Gogh

Blog By Jiyeong Ko and Minkyeong Bae

Jiyeong and Minkyeong carrying out their Millennium Fellowship project

"Jiyeong Ko and Minkyeong Bae are Millennium Fellows and Emerging Technologists from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, collaborating as the driving force behind the TUNE initiative. Unified by concerns over plastic pollution and a fervour for sustainable fashion. Our blend of fashion expertise and technological acumen positions us uniquely to address environmental challenges in the fashion realm. Through innovative methods like hydro dipping, electroplating, and anodizing, we aim to transform the industry, offering eco-conscious alternatives to single-use plastics. Our shared passion propels us towards TUNE's mission: inspiring a shift towards sustainable fashion practices and nurturing a symbiotic bond between style and the environment.

"Through innovative methods like hydro dipping, electroplating, and anodizing, we aim to transform the industry, offering eco-conscious alternatives to single-use plastics"

Project TUNE

Our Millennium Fellowship project aimed to promote sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, highlighting their role in marine ecosystem preservation and to boost awareness of marine life. Through initiatives like elementary school sessions and interviews at Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Fashion and Textile, we engaged students and professionals. While effective in our outreach, we identified areas for improvement, such as expanding school engagement and incorporating interactive elements for a more impactful educational experience."


Minkyeong Bae is a final-year Knitwear Design and Technology student at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Minkyeong is an adventurous, caring, and diligent person who continuously challenges herself to step outside her comfort zone. She enjoys bringing out positive energy among groups, and she would like to achieve her project with the help of other members. Throughout her project, she looks forward to educating the local community about fast fashion and sustainable consumption of garments based on virtual experience. 


Jiyeong Ko is a senior Fashion and Textile student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Jiyeong is a passionate student in Hong Kong, who has witnessed the devastating impact of plastic waste on the environment. Motivated by this firsthand experience, Jiyeong is dedicated to reducing plastic pollution. Through initiatives like beach clean-ups and educational campaigns, she strives to raise awareness and inspire sustainable practices. By actively engaging with her community and pursuing academic opportunities related to waste reduction, Jiyeong aims to create a positive impact and foster a cleaner, healthier environment for all.


Experience as Emerging Technologist Millennium Fellows

"As one of the Emerging Technologists, we got to meet and interact with hundreds of other young technologists from around the world. Within our cohort, there was a diverse group of Emerging Technologists, allowing for open discussions about the innovative fields each of us would like to pursue. Based on our long-standing interest in our school’s Industrial Center, we (Jiyeong and Minkyeong) decided to utilize its facilities to test our imaginations and ambitions. Electroplating, anodizing, and hydrodipping have been crucial approaches to demonstrate the visionary and meaningful aspects of our project. As Jiyeong served as Millennium Fellow and Minkyeong as the Campus Director, we boldly challenged ourselves. Given our design specialisms, we were able to strike a balance between the samples' aesthetic and practical needs.

Notably, there were several opportunities specifically designated for Emerging Technologists (ET). Minkyeong had the privilege of leading one such session, a webinar delivered by TGT Fellows. It proved to be a valuable experience that enhanced my public speaking and communication skills. Addressing up to 500 fellows in a single session allowed me to fully develop and refine my soft skills."

Millennium Fellows at work in the Hong Kong Polytechnic Industrial Center

TUNE’s Inspiring Journey during Millennium Fellowship

"The Millennium Fellowship provided us the courage to move forward and consistently encouraged us to think differently and on a larger scale. We were also grateful for our proactive cohort, which fostered collaboration and mutual assistance throughout the journey. We could sense the vibrant energy that formed a flourishing community of empowered youth. During moments of uncertainty about our initiative, we sought guidance from the Fellows, the Program Coordinator, and the group itself to foster our confidence as the changers. 

We would also like to highlight the School Industrial Center's crucial role in our project. During the sample development process, three staff members supported us in operating the machines with great care. Their assistance was invaluable, and we were able to contribute to the promotion of their environment. We conducted approximately three to four trial samplings, and in the final iteration, the samples emerged as clean and well-crafted. When we presented our progress weekly, the staff members expressed genuine delight and appeared truly satisfied with our work. It was gratifying to see them capturing photos for their own purposes and marketing initiatives, further motivating us to explore different designs for experimenting with additional hydro-dipping machines.

In the upcoming semester, we focus on shaping a unique brand identity that aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 14, spotlighting marine life. We aim to craft a resonant brand persona that communicates effectively with our audience. To achieve this, our strategy includes developing a visually compelling identity, setting clear brand guidelines, and conducting thorough market research. Through these actions, we intend to maintain our project's momentum, consistently engaging our audience and reinforcing our dedication to environmental awareness and sustainability."


Thank you Minkyeong and Jiyeong for sharing your experience. Connect with Minkyeong and Jiyeong on LinkedIn. Alumni, to share your story, reach out here: (


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