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Brand Guidelines

This brand style guide contains everything you need for the Millennium Fellowship brand. It also offers our Fellows with the necessary information to clearly and successfully represent the Millennium Fellowship on their campus in conjunction with the program brand.


Primary Logo

Full Color

This is the preferred logo treatment and should be used whenever possible.



If you are using a dark background, the logo can be used with the full color icon and text reversed out


Secondary Logo

Only use this logo if the Primary logo format is not displayed properly in your materials


Color Palette

CMYK – C:49 M:0 Y:11 K:0
RGB – R:68 G:217 B:230
HEX – #44D9E6
HSB Sliders – Hue:185 Saturation:70 Brightness:90

CMYK – C:53 M:20 Y:0 K:0
RGB – R:46 G:178 B:255
HSB Sliders – Hue:202 Saturation:82 Brightness:100

CMYK – C:60 M:31 Y:0 K:0
RGB – R:0 G:154 B:255
HEX – #009AFF
HSB Sliders – Hue:204 Saturation:100 Brightness:100

CMYK – C:69 M:43 Y:0 K:0
RGB – R:82 G:113 B:255
HEX – #5271FF
HSB Sliders – Hue:229 Saturation:68 Brightness:100

Secondary Colors

CMYK – C:37 M:21 Y:0 K:63
RGB – R:1 G:41 B:95
HEX – #01295F
HSB Sliders – Hue:214 Saturation:98 Brightness:19

CMYK – C:0 M:25 Y:74 K:13
RGB – R:86.7 G:65.1 B:22.7
HSB Sliders - Hue:39.8 Saturation:70.6 Brightness:54.7

Click on the image to open and download the logo.



Aileron Family is the Fellowship's primary typeface. It appears on the Fellowship logo.


Aileron Heavy is ideal for headlines, titles and main headings in both print and digital. Use Aileron Regular for body copy, both online and offline. 

EB Garamond

A secondary font that appears on our website here and in formal invitations. This font is used mostly for special invitations and for paragraphs like this one. 

The Millennium Fellowship logo should only be used by the Millennium Fellows and their respected institutions. Millennium Fellows may use the logo for their Millennium Fellowship approved projects/initiatives.


  • Do not take and use a screenshot of the logo.

  • Do not download and use the logo from the internet (social media, articles, google images) – these are small and the low quality.

  • Make sure that the logo is proportional if you are adjusting the size.

  • The logo must be used upright, i.e. not placed on a slant or on its side or in any other position.

  • If you have any questions on the use of logo, please contact:

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