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MCN Rise Recruiter Resource Center

Thank you for helping spread the word about MCN’s partnership with Rise.  This resource center will help provide some background on the program, and inform some of your outreach activities. Here you will access information slides, images for your outreach, draft messages and more. Feel free to customize this language for any emails/WhatsApp outreach you do over the coming weeks.  


What is Rise? Rise is a program that finds brilliant people who need opportunity and supports them for life as they work to serve others. The program starts at ages 15–17 and offers Global Winners access to benefits that last a lifetime including need-based scholarships, a fully-funded residential experience, mentorship, career development opportunities, funding, and more. 

What does it mean to be an MCN Rise recruiter? As a 2023 MCN Rise Recruiter, you will be MCN's local ambassador in your community. You will help to spread the word about this program and support at least 20 teenagers to apply before November 30th. As a recruiter, you gain access to a global volunteer network and a chance to pay forward the benefits derived from MCN's programs. You will also be spotlighted and recognized across MCN's virtual community once the application cycle closes. Some resources for your outreach can be found below.  If you need any additional content or have any questions, please reach out.

Important note:  In all your Rise outreach work, it is vital to remind registrants to use MCN's unique application link: ( . This is the only way we can track applicants and attribute them back to you. 

Step by Step actions to follow as you begin this role


Take some time to watch a recording of our 2023 Rise Recruiter briefing session.


Please go through these informations slides. They will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the program.


Join us on whatsapp. This will be a space for recruiters to interact and exhange ideas.


If you visit an institution and have been asked to verify your identity, use the following introduction letter. 


Once you conduct any outreach, it is important to let us know below. Use this form to update us on your progress.


Draft outreach language

I am volunteering with MCN as a Recruiter for the Rise Program, helping to identify outstanding 15-17 year olds and help them register for the Rise program. Rise offers winners teenagers benefits for life, including needs-based scholarships, mentorship and more. Feel free to put them in touch with me or Encourage them to register.

The registration link is here:  

Select an image below for your Social media activity. Reach out in case you need more.

Application Open Post_4.png
Application Open Post_1.png

More Pointers and Resources

# 1. What is expected of me as a Rise Recruiter?


  • To spend a few hours going over material provided to you here, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of the Rise program, enabling you to explain clearly and compellingly why they should apply.

  • To spend a few hours spreading the word about Rise with teenagers in your community. Some Recruiters visit local high schools, others conduct virtual info-sessions, others visit local community centres. Whatever you opt to do, you are now an ambassador of MCN in your community.

  • To commit to registering at least 20 teenagers between October - November 30th.

#2. What do Teenagers need to do?

  • All you need to do is ensure teenagers register to Rise using an email address and create an application account through this link: ( Once they register, MCN is able to support them through the rest of their applications. 

  • Where teenagers do not have access to their own phones, they are permitted to use their Parents'/Teachers'/or other person's device. 

#3. My teenagers have questions about the application / Or I want to gain clarity on something. How can I get in touch?

  • There are multiple members of Team MCN on standby to provide real-time support as you conduct your outreach. You can send an email to any of the following addresses (

  • Make use of the Recruiters WhatsApp group.

  • Regular office hours to offer Rise application support will be announced in the coming days. More on this via email soon.


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