United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In the three months the application was open in 2018, students applied to join the Class of 2018 on 285 campuses across 57 nations. 30 campuses worldwide (just 11%) were selected to host the 402 Millennium Fellows in the global pilot this year.

The Class of 2018 is bold, innovative, and inclusive. During the Millennium Fellowship, Millennium Fellows' dedicated 48,785 hours and their 214 unique projects positively impacted the lives of 393,449 people worldwide.


Lagos State University | Lagos, Nigeria | Advancing SDG 4 & UNAI 3

" I'm m excited to be a Millennium Fellow because it's an opportunity to impact people and promote the SDG goals in passionate about. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Protostar Initiative

The Millennium Fellows from Lagos State University consists of 17 students who are actively involved in all projects implemented. The fellows includes students with different social impact initiatives and includes representatives from SDGsACT LASU, Yusluv Services Educational consult and Protosta.
SDGsACT LASU is an acronym for Sustainable Development Goals Awareness Campaign Tour Lagos State University Cohort, a platform to create awareness and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Yusluv Services Educational consult is aimed at implementing SDG 4 with the specific vision to enlighten secondary school students about the choice of career and academic excellence, while Protosta is an organization aimed at implementing SDG 10 . In the last four months, Millennium Fellows from Lagos State University have recorded a number of successes through series of projects and has successfully implement SDGs 3,4,6,9,11 & 16 through a series of partnerships with different organizations in Lagos State University. Below is the details of the projects implemented.

Investiture Ceremony & Online Trainings: Two sets of students have been successfully graduated, with the third set to be graduated on the 3rd of December, 2018 through the online training class tagged “The Interim class” which at aimed at sensitizing and equipping volunteers with necessary knowledge and skills need for the implementation of the SDGs. This is followed by the first Investiture ceremony which was held on the 16th of September, to officially declare grandaunds of the Interim class members of SDGsACT LASU.

Medical Outreach: The medical outreach was held on the 16th September, 2018 with the theme: MAINTAINING HEALTH SECURITY: ATTAINING NATION'S POSTERITY towards implementation of SDG 3 in partnership with the Lagos State University Students' Union. The medical outreach was held in a community called Okoko, very close to Lagos State University. About 500 individual including students and non students were present at the event. Free medical tests such as malaria test, typhoid test, HIV test e.t.c. were performed for interested individuals during the event.

Intervarsity debate: SDGSACT LASU in partnership with the Lagos State University Students Union organized an Intervarsity debate competiton which was held from 23rd to 27th of September, 2018 with the theme: The Nigerian State: Collaboration & Unity in Uncertain times. In realization of SDG 4&16. This competition features students from 7 universities, including Lagos State University and has about 600 students in attendance. It is an intellectual program aimed at debating on issues affecting the government system of Nigeria.

Environmental conference: SDGsACT LASU in partnership with Geography and Planning Students Society of Nigeria organized an Environmental conference which was held on the 3rd of October, 2018 with the theme: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT AND ADVOCACY: A TOOL TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, towards realization of SDG 6 ( Clean water & Good sanitation). This program was aimed at promoting a sustainable environment by enlightening students on proper sanitation and propel waste disposal through recycling. It has in attendance over 400 students of the university.

Clean Science day: This program was held on the 10th of October, 2018 and was aimed at promoting a clean faculty of science. Over 80 students participated in the program.
Youth Legislative Summit: this program was held on the 11th of October, 2018 with the theme: Judicious use of Nation’s Resources: Roles of Legislature in ensuring Accountability & Transparency. In realization of SDG 8&16 and has about 250 students in attendance.
SDGsACT LASU in partnership with Lagos State University Students Union organized a Symposium on the 12th of November, 2018 with the theme: Charting the course of change: The Role of Youths. In realization of SDG 11 and has 1250 students in attendance. Mentors were assigned to some students during the event.
Educational consult: To enlighten secondary school students on the choice of career and academic excellence through sensitizing them about self development while shunning social vices in realization of SDG 4. Two different schools were visited.

Excel minds academic tutorials in realization of SDG 4. This project started two years ago and have affected over 1,500 students thus far.

SDGsACT LASU partners with Hult prize foundation Lasu to hold Hult price competition on the 24th of November, 2018 with the final round set to hold on the 1st of December, 2018 with the Hult prize foundation theme.

About the Millennium Fellow


Toluwalashe Soyemi is a medical student with an undying passion to positively re-orientate those around him; creating a bridge between potential and performance of people. Toluwalashe has over 2 years of experience in health based social entrepreneurship .Currently, Toluwalashe is the Co-founder of Protostar, an organization whose mission is to advocate against the discrimination and stigmatization of people living with developmental disabilities. Through its website at www.protostar.com.ng, Protostar develops blog contents, creates link between donors, volunteers and special homes to disabled people and encourage people to get professional help to psychologists, psychiatrists.

Over the years, tolu has volunteered and worked with several organizations including those advocates youth empowerment and capacity building including Africa Development Initiative,

He has worked with international organizations as well as national brand social enterprises such as Campus Director, HultPrize @ Lagos State University 2018, Intern,Green Campus Initiative, Media Intern at Health News Nigeria, Local Coordinator, Africa Students For Liberty (ASFL) amongst many others.

He is a strong believer of diversity and his motto is:UBUNTU, I am because we are...


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