Millennium Fellow to Coordinate a Bold Response to Climate Change

Throughout history, there have been a handful of ingenious innovations that have changed how our global society functions and connects with one another. One such upcoming innovation is being led by 2019 Millennium Fellow Kami Krista from Harvard University. Her project, Earendil, works on creating a central data management hub for the climate change crisis. According to Kami, the central problem our society faces in managing this crisis is scattered, uncoordinated climate initiatives along with a lack of solid data recommendations in the policy realm. Her idea is to create a decision support system that actively integrates data from current climate initiatives which then feeds back into the system to create real-time feedback and key performance indicators for rapid decisions to be made in the climate crisis management realm. 

Earendil is in an early stage right now and therefore, Kami is considering taking a semester off from university to work on her initiative. She says that this isn’t a normal startup because it isn’t being done for money. The idea is to go in stages and to use philanthropic venture capital because it has less stringent conditions tied to it which lends more focus on the impact. In order to do this, Kami will need to create a functioning prototype of her data management hub which can attract professionals and experts in fields such as data modelling and management.

 Although she recently started working on Earendil, her love of the climate and her initial work on climate change began at age 8 when she wrote a letter to the President of Brasil demanding action and later went on to explore sustainable transportation. From age 8-16 she kept working on climate change initiatives but she never felt like it was enough and so she moved away from it. However, at 19 she rekindled her infatuation with the climate crisis with the idea of Earendil.