Griffith University Campus Directors reflect on their Millennium Fellowship experience

“Sometimes as a leader you have to be willing to take a step back in order for the team to move forward”

Rachel Kapnias (left) and Kimberley Bates (right)

Serving as Campus Directors at Griffith University has been an invaluable learning journey for us both. This opportunity has allowed us to better recognise our strengths and understand how we can put these values into practice. Every meeting we start by asking ourselves “What can we do to make this a rich and engaging experience for our Millennium Fellowship cohort?” This has forced us (in the best possible way) to get creative with our training sessions by going beyond to offer our Millennium Fellows unique experiences, such as professional networking with industry mentors and emerging youth leaders.

From the beginning we both shared what we hoped to achieve as Campus Directors and the different skillsets we possess. For example, Rachel is an absolute powerhouse with using our communications platform on Teams (including troubleshooting which is no small feat) and Kimberley enjoys putting together graphic design content for our announcements. It has been great to learn from one another during this process and setting aside time for us to build a shared vision as Campus Directors has made this experience all the more rewarding.