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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In 2021, over 25,000 young leaders on 2,000+ campuses across 153 nations applied to join the Class of 2021. 136 campuses worldwide (just 6%) were selected to host the 2,000+ Millennium Fellows. The Class of 2021 is bold, innovative, and inclusive.



Florida International University | Florida, United States | Advancing SDG 10 & UNAI 6


" My drive for doing the work I do stems from my experience as a first-generation American in a Venezuelan immigrant household. Seeing and hearing about the difficulties and injustices that my own family members and family-friends faced as immigrants in the United States was motivation enough for me to use my voice to stand up for migrant justice and domestic workers in the US and beyond. Facing fear of deportation, suffering labor exploitation, and living through discrimination are just a few of the experiences that immigrants in the US face which is why I hope to use my voice to hopefully change that. Ultimately, envisioning a world without walls, without borders, a world in which migrants, domestic workers, and all other marginalized communities are treated with empathy and dignity drives me to keep fighting for my community. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: The Struggle to Strive

My project focuses on the struggles and strives of domestic workers in the United States. Domestic workers are individuals who provide domestic services like housekeeping for example. Oftentimes they are forgotten, pushed into the shadows, or simply not thought of as valuable as our society pushes the rhetoric that their jobs are dispensable. In reality, domestic workers are the backbone of so many communities. With nannying, housekeeping, and live-in caretaking, domestic workers perform services needed by so many families.

Because of this, I wanted to bring the issue of domestic workers right to the light and really demonstrate that domestic workers should be respected and humanized. With my project, I am highlighting the difficulties domestic workers go through and why we need to advocate for their rights. I have introduced the topic to my followers and discussed the intersectionality of domestic work with other issues (like poverty, racism, and sexual violence) which is more complex. I intend to continue raising awareness through various mediums. To do this, I have curated an online presence for my project through my instagram page(@thestruggletostrive) and also created a website to raise awareness about the issue. I will keep running these social pages long after the fellowship and hope to keep folks engaged by regularly hosting webinars and providing resources for advocacy for domestic workers.

About the Millennium Fellow

Katy Christina Cook is a first generation, Venezuelan-American student studying political science and Latin American and a Caribbean studies at the Honors College at Florida International University. She is deeply passionate about migrant justice and domestic workers' rights, as she believes that these two issues are deeply interconnected and need to be understood through an intersectional lens. Katy has channeled her passion for justice for immigrant communities in the United States by working with several organizations around the state of Florida, her home state. Florida Student Power Network and the Office of Schoolboard Member Luisa Santos are just two of the groups that Katy has worked closely with to help further the fight against injustice of vulnerable communities in Miami, Florida, and beyond. As for future aspirations, Katy hopes to pursue a career in advocacy as a lawyer. In her potential law career, Katy hopes to serve as an advocate and supporter for those living through injustice in the judicial system by working in immigrant justice, workers rights, and criminal justice sectors.

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