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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. In 2021, over 25,000 young leaders on 2,000+ campuses across 153 nations applied to join the Class of 2021. 136 campuses worldwide (just 6%) were selected to host the 2,000+ Millennium Fellows. The Class of 2021 is bold, innovative, and inclusive.



Indraprastha College for Women | New Delhi, India | Advancing SDG 4 & UNAI 8


" Curious, confident, and creative are 3cs that fuel my system thinking and drive my art and work.

Millennial Fellowship will enhance these skills collaboratively. The skills I gain from Millennium Fellowship will make my social impact on schools and art communities more tangible and aligned with the UNAI principles and SDG. I have a thirst to explore this further, groom my inner self, sharpen my knowledge and sensitivities so that I go on to become an active participant in changing the destiny of my country by working on SDG 4, 5, and 16 with my team.
I am excited to increase my anticipatory competence by envisioning new ways of learning and creativity. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: Project Divit

Project Divit, an initiative towards Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Peace and Conflict Resolution. Our team consists of Third-year undergraduates from the Indraprastha College for Women and The Delhi School of Journalism. Our first achievement was to get selected for the Millennium Campus Network Fellowship. The Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a Boston-based, global non-profit convening and training 21st-century social impact leaders. Through the Millennium Fellowship, global campaigns, and conferences, MCN helps young leaders find their voice and own their power for social impact on campus and in the community. The fellowship is a program launched by Millennium Campus Network in partnership with the United Nations Academic Impact.

With more than 25000 applicants this year from 120 Campuses spanning over 29 countries we have proved that we stand out. Our Project Divit is based on three sustainable development goals namely Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Peace and Justice. Our principal goal is Quality Education. We will approach the goals of Gender Equality, and Peace and Justice through the agency of Quality Education. We believe that every person regardless of caste, class, religion, ethnicity, and sex are entitled to quality education. To achieve our goal of Quality Education we will establish tie-ups with organizations that are already working in this field. We will host online as well as recorded classes, be available via calls to the students at all times, conduct fundraising for the needs of children whenever required, organize webinars. Through interactions, we will ensure to create respect for all genders and religions in the minds of the children. We will work towards gender equality also by socially refining family members. For our goal of Peace and Justice, we will collaborate with The Peace Gong and Gandhi Smriti, Darshan Samiti (Ministry of Culture). The guidance of these organizations will help us run our project successfully and achieve our goals effectively and efficiently.

We wish to achieve empowerment via the Social Development Goals. We wish to bring change and empower the underprivileged through the medium of education. Positive change is what seems to be unachievable by most but not by us. The efforts of our Project Divit will bring about an impact that will not only be inspiring but eye-opening as well. While most of us choose to sit back and criticize what is wrong with the world we have opted to come forward to rather look for solutions to those problems. Numerous challenges block their path of success, the pandemic causing distance between the fellows. In a time when cluelessness about the future has worried us all, the youth evermore so, we team Divit young are not only providing purposeful lives for themselves but also the world around them. We have got some much from our society so with the help of this fellowship we will be able to give back something to the Society.

About the Millennium Fellow

Noopur Soni is a versatile, young, global change maker, she has worked with many international organizations like The Peace Gong, the Food agriculture organization of the United Nations, United Nations volunteers, the Rehabilitation Council of India, a govt. of India body, and many more from her school days. She has completed her schooling in the valiant city of Jhansi(India) and is currently studying at Indraprastha College For Women ( University of Delhi). For as long as she could remember, Noopur has always been passionate about social work and Sustainable Development Goals from her school days. This drive and ardour translated itself from Noopur's experiences in the international community and her continuous dedication to social action. Throughout her school years and currently in her college years, she has successfully organized various Philanthropic projects and social awareness movements, which she plans to continue in the future. An ardent follower of Nichiren Buddhism, she has been practicing every essence of sustainability in her personal life too. Noopur aspires to be in a professional field with the United Nations where she can cultivate social change further and contribute to the development of the United Nations' sustainable goals.

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