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United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are proud to partner on the Millennium Fellowship. Over 31,000 young leaders on 2,400+ campuses across 140+ nations applied to join the Class of 2022.  200+ campuses worldwide (just 8%) were selected to host the 3,000+ Millennium Fellows.



Christ (Deemed to be University) Central Campus | Bengaluru, India | Advancing SDG 11, SDG 2 & UNAI 9


" Hard work, dedication and positivity are key driving factors for having anything we desire for. Through this Fellowship these words will be put into action and it is an erudite opportunity for me to intensify thoughts into reality by making use of the ample resources and acts as a base for creating a positive impact on society throughout my life. "

Millennium Fellowship Project: 4 All - A Donatable Impact

There are plenty of ways to bring about a change in the world in terms of equitable upliftment of society. And as youth, it is our responsibility to ensure that the growing world maneuvers that way.
4 All focuses on building a platform for charitable impact, which is open for anyone to participate in the act of giving for a cause. 4 All is an open forum that primarily concentrates on donations of Stationery, Books, Clothing, and Food for organizations or individuals in need of these donations.

CHRIST University is one of the most populous universities in South India. There is a footfall of about 27,000 people on a working day. Now, imagine if at least 10% of these people can contribute 2 items under our list of donatables which will be 5400 units that are ready to donate. On average, a shelter or an orphanage hosts about 100-200 people. This means that we can donate to at least 2-3 organizations with just 10% of the population at CHRIST.
This is why we have chosen to make use of the interactive population of the University to collect donatable items to give to the people who request and need it. Therefore, our primary concentration for the donation drives are the students of CHRIST University.

4 All prioritizes the sustenance of quality and ensuring that the donatables are not overused in terms of form and function, much like a thrift store. After each unit is categorized into one of the four divisions we have, they are donated to the organizations that request them.

In terms of who we cater to, 4 All is not a charity organization that is set up to donate to at all times. We want to focus on reaching out to small organizations like public schools, shelters and even public offices and ask if they are in need of any basic requirements they may not have the funds for - like simple cloth items, office supplies, instant food packets, or textbooks. Of course, this donation will not be made with currency, but with the actual items that are donated by the people who engage with our donation drive on campus.

Civil society and powerful voices in the fields of justice, education, child welfare, and institutions are essential to the success of any effort to aid the underprivileged.
Engaging in a local donation drive will encourage others to follow the same path. We can persuade our relatives and friends to contribute as well. People are much more inclined to support a charity's ultimate objective when they can see how their donations are put to use.

Currently, we have identified 2 government schools - a primary school and a middle school, that we can reach out to, to carry out a biannual drive for books or stationery or any other item they might require help with from our list of donatables. Learning and teaching flourish when teachers and students have access to proper resources. A school supply drive can assist local schools in giving all students a decent education, particularly those from families who cannot afford expensive school materials. Along with these donatables, we engage in awareness-raising and group activities with the children of these schools that involve the entire cohort. This ensures that we build a good bond with the students and motivate them to be ambitious individuals.

Online Presence:
Once the basic operations of the donation drive kicks off, we can look at setting up an online presence for wider reach. This can be done through online donation forms (for extended reach), donation registration forums, Fundraisers, etc.
This also covers the social media aspect of it, since documenting the process would help widen our reach and fulfill the MCN criteria as well. Virtual interviews of beneficiaries, as well as donors every once in a while, can help spread small snippets of awareness.

About the Millennium Fellow

Samarth R S is an undergraduate law student at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore. Since childhood, he has been desirous of doing something good for a social cause. He vehemently believes that being determined and contributing in the smallest way possible can bring about an indelible positive impact on the society at large. Through Millennium Fellowship, he hopes to become a forerunner for a social cause.

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