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Social Impact Stories is a podcast developed by Millennium Fellows to explore social impact stories from around the world as they engage in conversations with their peer Millennium Fellows, Global Leaders, and many more!


Meet young student leaders and know how they are taking steps in bringing positive change to their community and get inspired from their stories and maybe start writing yours too!

The One With Aaron and AI To Tackle Climate Change | Clivi-Scope

In this episode we talk with a brilliant Millennium Fellow from Uganda, Aaron Masuba. This Innovator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Climate Activist studies at BRAC University doing EEE in Bangladesh. He is passionate about Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship. Aaron is also a member of BRAC University Electrical and Electronic Club, Robotics Club of BRAC University and BRAC University Entrepreneurship Development Forum. Aaron is currently addressing SDG 13 Climate Action through Project Clivi-Scope. He believes that the infinite small steps that one does every day add value when merged together.  


About His Project:  Climate change is increasingly becoming a fatal challenge of our time. We all appreciated the fourth industrial revolution through unimaginable ways of economic growth and a machiavellian modern-day civilization. The recent decades have illustrated a devastating and unpredictable cry on humanity and the paradox of sustainability over profitability is undebated but the co-existence of both is much more important for resilience and effectiveness.


Project Clivi-Scope through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine  Learning (ML) ascends to ensure the resilience and effectiveness of climate actions for long-run efficiency. Goals Effectiveness: Clivi-Scope works to equip and support societies, first responders, community-based organizations, industrialists, government and non-government organizations to quickly suscept negative climatic actions. Resiliency: Clivi-Scope works to see that climate actions are well-coordinated, safe, affordable to all classes of society and ensure continuity in effectiveness of both green and digital economic development. Empowerment:Clivi-Scope works to empower the local action groups with the power to predict and optimize the decisions being made for the betterment of societies at low costs, saving time and much resources.

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