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Millennium Fellow helping track air quality in Mexico: Grecia Tello Sosa

"I am Grecia Tello Sosa, currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Innovation  at the University of Monterrey. I have a deep interest in social and sustainable entrepreneurship, and consider myself an advocate for various causes, including equal access to education, female empowerment, and the well-being of animals. I have been involved in social impact leadership for a few years. In 2022, I assumed the role of Logistics Coordinator for the Economical and Political Awareness Association (ACEyP). In this capacity, I helped organize conferences and podcast episodes where pertinent information on current events in Mexico and around the world were discussed. I also worked closely with Emprende Mujer, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for female entrepreneurs. My involvement consisted in the creation of educational content aimed at empowering women in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

In 2023 I was selected to the Millennium Fellowship as an Emerging Technologist. Guided by my passion for entrepreneurship and business, I embarked on a journey that would end up leading to profound personal transformation. With the support of the Fellowship, my cohort, and the school, I was able to lay the foundation for my new social business venture. It is centered on the production and commercialization of environmental monitoring systems and air quality sensors. These devices play a critical role in providing real-time data on air quality and environmental conditions. 

Applying to the Millennium Fellowship after being introduced to it by my degree program principal was the best decision I'd made up until that moment. The program provided a platform for collaboration and growth, enabling me to transform my initial business idea into a more comprehensive vision - drawing from the insights of my peers, faculty and the community. Through the program's training sessions, global webinars, and the valuable feedback from my teammates and campus directors, my project evolved. The strength of the team within the Fellowship has made me feel part of a safe space where I can openly discuss concerns, doubts, and the challenges encountered while developing my project.

I knew by leveraging technological tools to offer reliable and relevant information on air contaminants, we could empower companies and governments to make informed decisions.

I realized that my venture's mission had to be bigger and more meaningful, it had to extend beyond profits. I knew by leveraging technological tools to offer reliable and relevant information on air contaminants, we could empower companies and governments to make informed decisions, particularly in the context of climate action (SDG 13). Simultaneously, we sought to make air quality sensors accessible to individuals who prioritize their health. 

Millennium Fellow Grecia Tello Sosa at the University of Monterrey

As of now, we have installed 25 monitoring systems across Nuevo León, contributing to the government's efforts to track air quality in various areas and assess its impact on public health. Additionally, our e-shop and educational blog are gradually taking shape, promising to be valuable resources for anyone interested in environmental sustainability and air quality improvement.

The Millennium Fellowship has not only been a support group; it has evolved into a community where guidance and encouragement can be found.

As I conclude this semester, I do so with a deep sense of gratitude and commitment to social and environmental causes. The experience has created in me a passion for supporting fellow Millennium Fellows and their inspiring projects, demonstrating the transformative power of entrepreneurship in sustainability and social impact.


About me

Grecia Tello Sosa is a senior business creation and innovation student at University of Monterrey in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. Grecia is interested in brand and product development, as well as sustainability. Through her project, she hopes to provide accurate information about environmental pollution in the area, so that the proper actions are taken. After graduation, she plans on working in a related field, continuing her education and starting a business. Connect on LinkedIn.


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