United Nations Academic Impact and MCN have a combined 17 years of experience engaging undergraduate leaders and higher education for social good.  More than 5,500 young leaders from 300 universities have already participated in MCN programs to date.  MCN launched the Millennium Fellowship in 2013 to convene, challenge, and celebrate student leadership for social impact.  MCN and United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) are collaborating to take the Millennium Fellowship to the next level in 2018.  Apply today and join an extraordinary community of young leaders advancing the Sustainable Development Goals in their respective communities.  75% of MCN alumni go on to work in social impact careers in the public and private sectors.    

Meet a few of THE CLASS OF 2018 FELLOWS here:



2015-2016 Millennium Fellow | Columbia University, BA | Ghana
Advancing SDG 10 

As a Millennium Fellow, John and his peers at Columbia University formed the National First-Generation, Low-Income Partnership (FLIP National), which focuses on providing equal opportunity for first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) students in institutions of higher learning. 

Since its inception 2 years ago, FLIP National has become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and established chapters at University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Lehigh University and Emory University with many more in the works. National and chapter based initiatives have sent shock waves through
the above mentioned institutions and beyond.

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Ghewa Srour

MCN '15 | The Lebanese University | Lebanon
Advancing SDG 4

"My time with MCN increased my desire to connect with and help other people who are in difficult positions and want to live a better life."

Ghewa expanded on her work as president of Access Alumni Association at The Lebanese University by joining the Millennium Campus Network, through which she particularly honed her skills in listening. Listening to her inner voice, to the teams she leads, and to the communities around her so she can follow their lead on the issues that matter.  Her deep listening has led her to work on issues of domestic abuse, education access, and economic justice.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.38.03 AM.png

2013-2014 Millennium Fellow | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BA | USA
Advancing SDG 8

"As an undergraduate student I had been questioning whether what I was doing mattered. But when I went to  the Millennium Campus Conference at Harvard University in 2011,  I was  inspired to know that it did." 

Founded in 2012 by globally minded Massachusetts Institute of Technology students and supported into maturity through the Millennium Fellowship, Mbadika fosters youth-driven innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Mbadika aims to provide aspiring innovators with the tools necessary to develop solutions for themselves and the world.

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Nhi Tong


2015-2016 Millennium Fellow | St. John's University, BA | Vietnam
Advancing SDG 3

Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, Nhi grew up witnessing children selling candy, polishing shoes, picking up jobs at small restaurants and begging for pennies from strangers throughout the city. These experiences inspired her to take action to advance children's rights, and to work with peers on her campus to found her university's UNICEF chapter. Together, she and the other Fellows raised money and spread awareness of children's rights in their community.

Through her experience as a Millennium Fellow, Nhi connected with and landed internships at both UNICEF and BRAC in New York City. She is a rising senior at St. John's University and hopes to use her communications prowess to support sustainable development in the future.

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MCN '10 | Harvard University '10, BA | USA | CEO of Simprints
Advancing SDG 3

"Through MCN, I learned the power of strategic networking [and recognized] that organizations can share resources and skills to maximize their respective social impact."

Since graduating from Harvard University, Toby launched a nonprofit tech company, Simprints, which partners with leading nonprofits and governments to make sure their work is truly reaching the poorest of the poor. Simprints has helped 46,945 beneficiaries receive essential services in healthcare, education, and finance at the last mile through their partnerships with BRAC, Possible Health, and more leading organizations.

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